Cochran Tax Service


We are persistent with the IRS. Linda does not back down from the IRS or take "NO" for an answer when she is convinced that she is right. Here at Cochran Tax Service, we maximize your tax return refunds!

Linda Cochran is an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer who has served the community since 1975. She is the author of "Fighting Back! - How to Pay The IRS on Your Terms", and a co-author of "Breaking the Tax Code"

Why You Should Crawl Across Broken Glass in 120F Heat Just to Have Cochran Tax Service Prepare Your Taxes This Year!

  1. WE KNOW THE TAX LAWS - INSIDE & OUT 100% Rock Solid GUARANTEE!! - We promise to get you the BIGGEST tax REFUND allowed by law AND reduce your tax liability to the bare minimum If not - We'll refund your money AND give you $100 CA$H
  2. WE ARE MICHIGAN's #1 Tax Code Cracking Specialists! WE specialize in all the HARD-TO-FIND CREDITS and DEDUCTIONS
  3. $100 for every Referral that you send to us
  4. FREE $50 Gift Cards to your friends and family
  5. NO MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET! - All fees can be deducted from your refund
  6. FREE Review of previous 3 years' returns - Thousands in Missing Deductions and Credits are Often Uncovered! We typically find errors in 3 out of 5 returns, resulting in an additional (larger) refund for you
  7. We SPECIALIZE IN: Self-Employed and Businesses, Day Care, Adult Foster Care, Clergy, Realtors, Real Estate Rentals, Truck Drivers, Home-Based Businesses, and Delinquent (unfiled) Tax Returns
  8. We Solve ALL Tax Problems!
  9. Our Tax Services Include: Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, LLC's, Estates/Trusts, and Non-profit
  10. We will represent you in an audit and answer all those annoying "Love Letters" the IRS and MI love to send you
  11. FREE - Dependent's (kids) Returns
  12. Reasonable Fees - We are way less than the "Big 3" other firms you see on TV
  13. FREE - Electronic Filing and FREE Direct Deposit of Refunds
  14. We spend many hours attending tax workshops to stay on the leading edge of all the NEW & Current tax laws that change constantly every year
  15. YOU CANNOT LOSE! - Nobody prepares tax returns better than we do! WE FIND YOU MORE!!!